York County Lincoln Highway Project
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York County Lincoln Highway Project

York County Lincoln Highway Project

The Lincoln Highway Legacy LLC is excited to announce the next phase of our Lincoln Highway sign project across York County, Pennsylvania. We have completed our permitting process with PennDOT and new sign design. Now we’re ready to accept sponsors to install over 40 Lincoln Highway signs across York County from the Susquehanna River in Wrightstown through York City and further west to the York County border with Abbottstown. Every municipality will receive four or more Lincoln Highway signs to guide travelers through each community “Main Street.” The original Lincoln Highway route follows PA 462 until West Manchester Township where it rejoins with US 30.


Lincoln Highway Legacy is inviting community organizations, businesses, municipalities, and individuals to sponsor this newly designed signage that will help restore and promote our Lincoln Highway history. Each sign will cost $1,000 to manufacture, install and insure, so we especially need supporters to sponsor individual sign locations. For more information on the York County Lincoln Highway Sign Project, please contact Tom Davidson at Tom.Davidson2642@gmail.com or via phone at 223-254-8182. Each sign will be mounted on a standard aluminum highway post to meet current highway standards for safety and durability. The total cost for the project will be about $40,000. We are also seeking grant opportunities to complete the project before the end of 2023.

New Lincoln Highway sign design

























When the Lincoln Highway was established in 1913, as the first coast to coast automobile highway from New York City to San Francisco, through the windshield navigation was critical for traveling along these early named trails. The first generation of signage was painting the well known Lincoln Highway emblem on utility poles from coast to coast.


By the early 1920’s the painted signs were fading and the Lincoln Highway Association installed these porcelain signs on eight foot redwood posts across the nation. York County had many of these early signs to help drivers find their way east and west along this historic road.





By 1928, the Lincoln Highway was taken over by state and federal governments so the Lincoln Highway Association installed these concrete markers as a lasting legacy and memorial to President Abraham Lincoln. Only two of these concrete markers remain in the ground across York County today.




















This project is the foundation for future community partnerships throughout York County along the Lincoln Highway as a new heritage tourism initiative.  Our project will also help to connect tourists from the existing Lincoln Highway Corridor to our west and the Susquehanna National Historic Area. Discover our early 20th century “Main Street” communities again through a new yet historic windshield perspective. Go to https://www.lincolnhighwaypa.com for more information.